010. A Real Conversation About Dating, Relationships & Love With Kaley Ames + Sarah Sahagian


In this episode, the truth comes out about modern love, dating apps, sexuality, stereotypes and relationships! Dana interviews fellow Podcast hosts Kaley Ames and Sarah Sahagian about all things dating. This lighthearted and informative episode leaves you feeling like you're hanging with your three best friends... having the conversations we're longing to have! 

Kaley and Sarah's Podcast "You Do You" is a show designed to be realistic - but also optimistic - about love. You Do You is a fun, feminist-friendly look at the world of modern romance where Sarah and Kaley explore everything from the science behind attachment theory to strategies for identifying red flags in your relationships.

The You Do You Podcast hosted by Kaley Ames & Sarah Sahagian:


009. Women In Politics, Entrepreneurship & Amplifying Female Voices With Amanda Kingsley Malo

In this episode, Amanda and Dana discuss the importance of female presence and involvement in the world of politics and entrepreneurship. Amanda's powerful and outgoing personality makes this episodes one that will leave you laughing, empowered, and proud to be human.

Amanda Kingsley Malo is a community organizer and changemaker who feels most like herself when she’s at the service of others. She’s a big believer that the word “community” is a verb, and tries to live with that as her ethos. She’s an elementary school teacher, a trustee on the board for the Canadian Museum of History, a public speaker dedicated to advocating for gender equality and women in politics, an organizer for the Sudbury Women’s March and the founder of PoliticsNOW, a grassroots organization that is dedicated to getting women elected to municipal councils across Northern Ontario. Amanda has fully immersed herself to contributing to a long-lasting positive legacy in her hometown of Sudbury, and is hopeful that her efforts will be felt all over the North.


008. Overcoming Childhood Trauma & Moving Past Fear With Jennifer Leigh Saunders

In this episode, Jennifer and Dana discuss how overcoming Childhood Trauma and moving past fear ultimately allows you to live a life with more self love, healing and compassion.

Jennifer Leigh Saunders is a Photographer, Filmmaker, and most recently a Yoga Teacher. She has found herself on an incredible journey of healing over the past two years. Her compassion for humanity, and her ability to love others without judgement, stems from her own experiences with healing childhood traumas. She has discovered a deep understanding that we as humans are so much more than the stories we often choose to tell ourselves. Jennifer believes in the magic, and importance of a meditation practice, as well as many other healing modalities in order to find the courage to uncover one's true essence. She is passionate about boldly and vulnerably sharing truth, in hopes of encouraging others to do the same, and in turn strengthening the bonds of human connection on a global scale.

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Jennifers Short Film "The Magic Castle"

007. A Deep Dive With Dana & Connection Cards

Connection Cards By Heroic Humans launched this week and Dana is here to tell us all about it and dive deep with answering some personal questions while using connection cards!

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006. Surviving Sexual Assault & The Importance Of Community With Jacqueline Villeneuve

Jacqueline is a sexual assault survivor and advocate who is on a mission to make more safe spaces for both women and children. Jacqueline and Dana touch on the importance of having a community behind you for support, and what it really looks like to be a woman in an abusive domestic relationship. Jacquline teaches us about entrepreneurship, motherhood, resilience, and the power we all have to make a difference.

Jacqueline is a public speaker, business owner, designer, single mother, sexual assault survivor and advocate. As the founder of Olive & Annie, She Matters and ZLT Hope Homes, Jacqueline has experienced growing and building businesses, fundraising and supporting other not-for-profits in their growth journey. Jacqueline and her team have built an online community of 5000+ sexual assault survivors, designed a line of handmade jewelry, and have built and fostered a safe home in Kenya for orphaned and abused children.

- @heyitsjacquelinev
- @oliveandannie / www.oliveannie.com
- @zlthopehomes / www.zlthope.org
- @shemattersunited / www.shematterstribe.com

005. Finding Your Gift & Creating A Life Of Passion With Robina Abramson-Walling

Description: Robina Abramson-Walling takes us through her journey in finding her life of choice. She is determined to show us that we are capable of living a life of passion. Robina talks about motherhood, separation, her children, and following your gut to find your true gift. This episode will show you how "getting out of your own way" will change your life and give you a world of possibility!

Robina Abramson-Walling, was a woman who didn’t know who she was to her core most of her life. It wasn’t until she realized that she had confirmed to the life that everyone else wanted for her did she realize, she craved more. More passion, more sense of purpose and more connection.

Her formal education landed her a job as a Registered nurse, but her life passion turned her into a personal trainer. She quickly realized that both occupations surrounded the idea of helping people transform their lives to create a life of passion. Robina is a lifestyle entrepreneur with Arbonne, and a health and life coach who’s mission is to help woman get unstuck and reinvent and recreate the life of their dreams.


004. All Things Body Positivity & Fitness With Jenna Doak

Jenna Doak gives us an alternative way of looking at body positivity and fitness. Body Positive Fitness owner and industry professional, Jenna walks us through her journey in the fitness world and how she has created a safe, positive, and mindful space for all bodies, at all levels and capabilities.
Jenna and Dana discuss how mental health plays a part in their journey with fitness and movement, and how the portrayal of different body types is changing in both society and in pop-culture.

Jenna Doak is a Certified Personal Trainer of 13 years, she works out of multiple locations in Toronto and has her own private studio in Newmarket. Jenna runs a Body Positive Fitness and Yoga business called Body Positive Fitness.

Jenna's relationship with fitness and her body hasn't always been body positive as she strived for the perfect "trainers body" for most of her career. Her ideals about her body and the way it should look were deeply skewed because of the fitness and diet industry expectations. Jenna developed an exercise and eating disorder early in her career that continued into her late twenties. At 26 years old and eight years into her career she was tired of fighting herself and she stumbled across body positivity online. For the next couple years Jenna retaught and unwired her brain of all the expectations she'd believed in. Jenna now teaches clients that fitness and movement shouldn't be about changing our bodies. Jenna has opened up spaces for all bodies, ages and genders to feel comfortable learning movement, lifting and yoga. Jenna takes pride in all of her spaces being 100% judgement free, anti-diet culture and LGBTQ positive.


003. The Truth About Mindfulness & Mental Health With Meghan Wills

Meghan Wills, a Mindfulness Coach from Ottawa Ontario, takes us through her personal journey with mental health, diversity, and how finding mental awareness and mindfulness helped her cope through various life experiences.

Meghan Wills, located in Ottawa, is a Mindfulness Coach, HR Professional and Diversity Champion offering intersectional wellness & diversity in everything she does. Her passion for inclusion and equity stems from her continued experiences as a Biracial Black Canadian Woman with a Jamaican heritage. Meghan believes compassion is the key to self-acceptance. By accepting ourselves, we can accept others, and this encourages peace, inward and out.

About Meghan's Mindfulness Journey:
I've experienced mental illness, depression and the inner chaos that comes with living “mindlessly”. It is important that you know, Mindfulness is a lifestyle I commit to because of my personal experiences. All that I share, teach and offer is in honoring my truth and wisdom. My passion is in seeing how choosing to be mindful has helped me and others live their life authentically, despite the ups and downs of being human.

Services Offered – Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Workshop Facilitator & Keynote Speaker


002. Personal Greatness With Cory Chadwick

What does personal greatness mean to you?! In this episode, founder and creator of The Personal Greatness Project, Cory Chadwick, takes us through his journey in finding greatness and what it looks like to live into your fullest potential.

Follow along with Cory and The Personal Greatness Projectt here:

001 Welcome,
You Heroic Human! 

It's officially kicked off! Get ready to feel empowered and inspired in this podcast! In this episode, Dana introduces Heroic Humans and where the creation process/idea for the movement came from. She also shares personal stories and what to expect for the future of The Heroic Humans Podcast!


Heroic Humans is a social impact movement that provides a gathering space for inspiration, celebration and empowerment. We aim to foster connections among heroic people and groups, helping to establish a broader reach and more profound influence on their individual communities. We care about authentic connections and the power behind all people and passions. Let’s join forces and recognize those who make a difference.



Heroism comes in all forms. Whether it’s someone who lights you up, inspires you or others, or pours your favorite cup of coffee; everyone has their own story to tell and a life to change.

With your help, we can uncover raw emotion and vulnerability, overcome adverse conditions, and applaud human empowerment in all its forms.

Submit your Heroic Human and share their impact with us. We’d love to get to know them!